national insurance

national insurance
social insurance program in Britain; based on contributions from employers and employees; provides payments to unemployed and sick and retired people as well as medical services
Hypernyms: ↑social insurance

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national insurance noun
A system of compulsory insurance paid for by weekly contributions by employee and employer, and yielding benefits to the sick, retired, unemployed, etc
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National Insurance UK US noun [uncountable]
a system that all employers and workers in the UK pay into, providing money for people who do not have a job or who are old or ill
Thesaurus: insuring and insurancehyponym types of tax and taxationhyponym

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noun [noncount]
: a British insurance system that workers and their employers contribute to regularly and which gives money to people who are retired, ill, or unemployed

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ˌNational Inˈsurance [National Insurance] noun uncountable (abbr. NI)
(in Britain) a system of payments that have to be made by employers and employees to provide help for people who are sick, old or unemployed

to pay National Insurance (contributions)

The money from National Insurance contributions is used by the government for payments to unemployed people and others in need, and also to help pay for the ↑National Health Service. National Insurance is therefore an important part of the ↑welfare state. Every adult has a National Insurance number and this number is used by the ↑Department for Work and Pensions to identify people.

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